Working with Sheldon has been a deeply transformative experience for me. I have been fortunate to work with a lot of highly talented healers, but Sheldon has gifts and abilities which are not like anything else I have come across in my life.

He embodies a divinity, and the Divine Masculine in particular, that is so very rare to witness and behold in our modern society, and because of his career in business, I think it gives him perspective, and a grounded approach to mental health, spirituality, healing, and consciousness that is so hard to find.

For me, the way he models conscious fatherhood and parenting brings the highest level of trust and integrity into the healing space. He has a unique ability to hold you through deep levels of surrender, ego death, and he makes letting go of resistance, pain, and suffering something that is actually fathomable and possible while still alive in the body.

The intellect, wisdom, consciousness, clarity of thought, loving and patient care that Sheldon demonstrates makes the painful and healing journey to deeper levels of oneness much smoother, gentler, kinder, more meaningful, and the effects longer lasting. I am so thankful and grateful for everything he has helped me with, and through.

GA, Business Owner, USA

The thing I love the most about Sheldon is his way of being ultimately loving and present. Talking to him, I’ve felt attentively listened to and he feels to me like a solid rock I can rely on.

I’ve felt in good hands and like there’s someone deeply caring for me, someone who will respect my time and pace, genuinely offering his help and expertise. There is such a loving attitude that just makes him special and a pleasure to connect to.

MC, Psychotherapist, Italy

I’m a recent client of Sheldon’s, and I’ve delved into holistic healing modalities and counselling before, but I’ve never experienced therapy like this.

Every healing modality has its place for our time of healing,  and I was guided to Sheldon at this point in my journey, and I immediately felt safe to open up, share and feel whatever was coming up for me.

It has deepened my understanding of myself, and my nervous system feels so relaxed when working with Sheldon. It’s truly a life changing experience that I’ve gone through since having these sessions, especially as someone who is on a journey of deepening my consciousness, self-awareness and spirituality.

Feeling understood on this journey can be a rare find. Going to Sheldon for therapy allows me to open up deeper as I feel as though I could say anything to him and it would be okay.

Going to a normal therapist without the spiritual awareness from the therapist didn’t feel as though it would resonate as much for me, which is why having Sheldon combine his spiritual knowledge, meditations, and psychology has really worked for me.

My journey has just begun and I can’t wait to continue feeling seen, heard and understood by someone with this journey I’m heading on.

BH, Health Professional, UK

Sheldon has been absolutely pivotal to the personal value and growth that I have experienced on my journey so far. He has created a trusting, transparent and thorough relationship with me and the trajectory of my inner work.

In the sessions, through the content and issues I have brought forward – I have found the combined use of classical psychology with the softer and more traditional schools of teaching to be highly effective and perfectly matched to my needs. Over time, I have observed that it is easier for me to integrate complex transpersonal concepts that anyone would encounter on the spiritual path.

Sheldon’s approach has helped plant in me the seeds of change in a significantly shorter timespan than I otherwise would have – or perhaps never have – been able to on my own. Whether I were to stop now, or continue on for years – I can confidently say that the magnitude of what Sheldon has helped to invoke in me has already been enormous and life-changing.

SH, Tech Project Leader, UK

Having had a long and successful career in property development, I came to see Sheldon when I found myself feeling unexpectedly lost and unsettled, despite having everything I thought I wanted.

I was so surprised that after 3 sessions he advised me that I was not ready for this type of work. But after he explained why to me, I think he was right. I am too comfortable, and happy to live with things they way they are. I told him that I’d be back if something came along which forced me out of the life that I know now.

I would advise people considering this work to think about whether they are ready for it, and willing to do what it takes. For anyone that is, I have every faith that they will benefit from Sheldon’s innate wisdom and intuition.

GM, Entrepreneur, UK

When I think of Sheldon, I think of Mount Fuji! A spiritual symbol of strength, power, and beauty, revered by people for centuries. Sheldon’s very essence of being energises one’s rite of passage. Timeless and unwavering, he is a constant source of strength, and his commitment and steadfastness are a beacon of hope and inspiration.

I implore you, dear souls, to embrace Sheldon’s guidance, for in his presence, you shall find solace and enlightenment. Just as Mount Fuji is a silent presence, Sheldon’s soul speaks volumes, a testament to the beauty and power of the human spirit.

FN, Doctor, UK

I have been working with Sheldon for over 9 months now and it has been an incredible journey. As a coach myself, I recognise and appreciate the qualities he brings to every session, diligently and sensitively – preparing, checking in, active listening, summarising, guiding, exploring, challenging, co-creating, explaining, supporting.

I look forward to each session where I am inspired to go deeper and both learn and experience more. Sheldon has helped me unlock something that I didn’t really understand (and am still exploring) and this is having a profound impact on how I approach life and death. I feel more connected, more spiritual, more grateful, and more loving for having discovered Sheldon’s ‘bornpsychology’. I would recommend his rich 1:1 sessions to anybody who wants to explore their spirituality in more depth.

WN, Business Owner, UK

I contacted Sheldon because I knew intuitively I could trust him completely with issues I have had with addictions off and on for a long time. He was an oasis of non-judgmental understanding, and gave me a sacred and safe space to be heard.

He said something early on to me which I believe was the catalyst for my long journey back. I don’t remember the exact words he used, but it showed me that what was underneath all of my fear was the key. This planted the seed, and I truly realize now that the way is always through, not around. I am stepping onto a new road now, laced with peace and self-forgiveness.

I am walking hand in hand with my pain. It is a part of me, and just wants to come home to heal. Thank you my dear guide Sheldon, for lighting the way while I was in the darkness.

TS, Healer, USA

I have been doing therapy for over 5 years, but over this past 12 months, with Sheldon, I feel I have healed so many times more than all of the previous years put together.

I realise now how limited the other psychotherapy work I did was for me. It helped me, but only to a level. But what Sheldon is able to do combining all the different parts together, creates a whole other level of healing, which for me just works.

TP, Creative, UK

As a woman who has had trauma around men for many years, it was incredibly healing for me to find Sheldon. He enabled me to feel truly safe and open up to the healing which was bursting to come out. I am so deeply grateful for this. Thank you, Sheldon.

HB, Teacher, UK

I invited Sheldon to come and speak at my seminar on ‘Serviceability’. His slot was only 15 minutes, but it was very impactive, as somehow he managed to take the subject all the way to what it means to be human, and the choices we appear to make between fear and love, as the ‘ego moves between serving itself and serving ‘Self’’ as he put it. I would welcome Sheldon back anytime to speak again.

MA, Business Owner & Spiritual Teacher, UK

When I first heard Sheldon speak, it felt like a deep immediate connection… as if we had met in a previous life or something, and he has been such an authentic and trusted ally ever since. Anyone that works with him would be ever so lucky. His presence, depth, and capacity to hold and listen is a gift to the world.

LR, Therapist, UK

Sheldon came into my life at the perfect time. Having experienced traditional western psychotherapy for many years, he opened my eyes to life, and holds space for my healing and awakening in a way that no other therapist has ever been able to do. I am forever grateful to him.

NS, Professional, UK

Sheldon helped me jointly present a management class on how to form teams based upon personality differences. I greatly appreciated his organised approach and meticulous attention to detail. His planning skills are excellent, and these are traits that I looked for when I formed teams at Boeing.

Sheldon has the intellectual and emotional capacity to deal with both functional and dysfunctional situations. He would be an asset to any organisation needing Work Team or Process Management, and I would recommend him without reservation.

MR, Engineering Professional (Retired), USA

To work on yourself, on your own healing, is the greatest ever gift that you can give to yourself… and Sheldon will help guide you through this process… enlighten you to parts of yourself that were previously unseen… and free you!

MK, Teaching Head, UK

Sheldon holds such a sacred space for honesty, growth, and wisdom to be explored within sessions. I have felt special healing energy, as though aspects of my soul have been seen, heard, and understood from day one. I am so grateful to be on this journey with the trusted guidance of Sheldon.

HA, Professional, UK

Sheldon Reed

'What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other'. (George Eliot)

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