Suffering, Awakening, and Love


Behind the carefully polished veneers of personality, everybody suffers. Suffering is intrinsic to life itself, and remains so until we are better able to realise and understand its root cause.

Until then, we mostly suffer from suffering itself – unaware of its root, and therefore unknowing of its remedy; but once we become truly aware of why we suffer, we can more courageously face our deepest fears; and this marks the beginning of true healing – and the process of Awakening.

Awakening though, is our greatest and most challenging of endeavours; it requires us to unlearn everything we learned to be true; to let go of everything we hold to be safe; and to ‘die before we die’, as the illusion of ourselves is revealed, and the conditioned nature of thought, belief, and subjective reality becomes clear.

This is the reason why most people remain unawakened; the unknown is frightening, and you have to want to know so deeply, change your circumstances so badly, or be suffering so much, that you are almost prepared to die over it.  

Paradoxically though, and only with the benefit of hindsight, the truth is that unconscious suffering is far worse than conscious suffering; and ignoring the root problem creates far more suffering than addressing it does – painful though it may initially be.

The dualistic nature of life, however, means that we are inherently ‘destined’ to suffer, as without suffering there would be nothing from which to awaken; for without darkness, we cannot know light; and without the absence of Love, we cannot know Love.

And this is the fundamental purpose of suffering; it enables us to experience, learn about, and finally, truly know what Love is; and the absence of Love in our lives is the absolute root cause of our suffering – whether we realise it or not.

Like suffering though, Love too, is often misunderstood. Mostly, it is thought of as an emotion; but the truth is that Love is the very fabric of life itself; and it is the fundamental motivation and primary driver behind everything we think, feel, say, and do; simply put, our relationship with Love, defines our relationship with absolutely everything else.

Love is a rather complicated phenomenon therefore! But at the same time, it is also impossibly simple; We ARE Love, Love is All, and All is One – and because this is so, the more we can truly know ourselves, the more we will know Love, the ultimate nature of reality, and the very secret to life itself.

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