At a Professional level, bornpsychology provides Individuals and Organisations with practical, commercial advice; on matters of strategy, management, communication, creativity, and transaction; advice which is defined by the higher understanding of the human condition that Transpersonal Psychology provides.

Individually, it helps leaders, creatives, managers, and influencers, leverage the challenges that work-life presents, to further their own healing and personal development; enabling them to access the fullness of their natural potential; and by example, elevate the marketplaces in which they work; demonstrating to others how successfully noble intent can be reconciled with the practical demands of professional life, commerce, and trade – changing the world ‘from the inside, out’, as a result.

Organisationally, this approach helps businesses evolve incrementally, and with less disruption; away from obsoleting models borne out of reductive materialism, and towards those better suited to the emerging paradigm of empathetic and collaborative enterprise; the result of which is the manifestation of true and abiding wealth – and a permanent shift away from being ‘dysfunctionally functional’, to ‘functionally functional’, whilst minimising the ‘functional dysfunctionality’ in between!

Engagement Terms

Sessions are typically held between 1 and 4 times per month (1 to 2 times commonly), either online or in person, in blocks of 50 minutes. Session fees are on a sliding scale depending on their monthly frequency as follows:

4+ sessions per month: £150 per session
2+ sessions per month: £175 per session
1+ session per month: £200 per session

Typical mandates range in term from 3 to 24 months, but shorter- and longer-term contracts may be accommodated depending on the nature of work required; the fee-scale of which is as follows:

Contract Term / Day Rate:

0 – 3 months / £1,500 p/d
+3 months / £1,250 p/d

Sheldon Reed

'What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other'. (George Eliot)

Contact Details

3 Middleton Place

+44 20 7177 8888
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