Psychospiritual development is a dual process of both psychological work and spiritual realisation; and whilst it is true that in many respects they serve each other as they unfold in parallel, in other ways the two processes are sequential – meaning that there is often much psychological work to be done, before the higher echelons of spiritual awakening can be unlocked.

This is completely normal… as we can only ascend as high as the weight of our personality allows; and so gargantuan is the leap from who we think we are, to what we truly are, that if we were to receive too much knowledge too quickly, the sheer overwhelm of its other-worldliness would render us stupefied – or worse. But handled correctly, this same knowledge can transcend us beyond all imagination.

And guiding you through this entire process is what bornpsychology does; it walks side-by-side with you, as you deal with the things that compromise your wellbeing and growth; it also helps you to navigate, understand, contain, and integrate, the mind-blowing experiences of conscious expansion which unfold as you heal and awaken; and it empowers you throughout, with IMT, to become the only therapist, healer, and guide you will ever need.

bornpsychology provides comprehensive Psychospiritual Therapy, Guidance, and Advice; for Personal, Interpersonal, and Transpersonal matters, ever mindful of what our pain and suffering is here to teach us – about ourselves, others, and life.

Its work deals with a wide range of topics which include; unresolved trauma, distorted  thinking, the inner child, identity and attachment, insecurity and co-dependency, neuroticism and narcissism, materialism and belief, loss and change, scarcity and conflict, hope and expectation, loneliness and apathy, consciousness and meditation, surrender and purification, perception and ‘reality’, plant medicine and entheogens, faith and surrender, divination and oneness, the search for meaning, spiritual practice, and psychospiritual integration.

Critically too, it helps those experiencing ‘spiritual awakening’ understand and manage the unspeakable phenomena which are intrinsic to the process of conscious expansion; and which, if experienced fully, will at some stage include an exploration of all of the above… and a lot more!


bornpsychology sessions are completely fluid and intuitive; and are guided by the unique chemistry in the room, whilst remaining safely and confidentially contained within the framework of a professional clinical practice.

Depending on what unfolds, sessions may contain anything from deep psychological work, to transcendent spiritual exploration – with meditative and existential phenomena covered along the way.

Sometimes a single session may include it all! And other times, sessions follow a certain pattern of work, or themes for a while, before evolving into something else.

A key feature which is often present in sessions though, is introspective meditation, which is so effective in reaching parts of ourselves that the thinking mind cannot see; and of all the work that bornpsychology does, it is this aspect which seems to resonate most strongly with people.

This introspective meditative component is the backbone of IMT, and by effortlessly incorporating it into the work which is being done in the room, what is essentially happening is that people are ‘doing’ IMT without realising it; seeing first-hand how effective it is – after which it becomes almost second nature natural to take back and use in one’s everyday life.

And this is what bornpsychology sessions are inclined to do; to help people help themselves – and become robustly self-sufficient.

Fees and Admin

Sessions are typically held between 1 and 4 times a month (2 or 4 times mostly), either online or in person, in blocks of 50 minutes. Session fees are on a sliding scale depending on their monthly frequency as follows:

4+ sessions per month: £80 per session
2+ sessions per month: £90 per session
1+ session per month: £100 per session

For engaged clients, there is also the opportunity to join the monthly Opengroup sessions for no additional cost. These sessions are multipurposed, and are there to help us learn from each other, using one another as ‘mirrors’, whilst also providing opportunities to share, introspect and meditate.

Sheldon Reed

'What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other'. (George Eliot)

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