‘Any experience of reality is indescribable’


As inter-relational beings, we know ourselves only by virtue of our relationship with others; and when we consciously engage with others – committing valuable time, and sharing intimate space together in a trusted place – the amount that we can learn, heal, and grow is immeasurable.

This is what Opengroup provides; an opportunity to come together with fellow souls on parallel journeys – in a space with no agenda, where anything may transpire, and the chance to deepen one’s self-exploration through the magic of inter-relating with others can take place.

It is such a rare occurrence in life to be able to inter-relate with others in this way, and learn how to be in ‘right relations’ with each other in a risk-free dynamic; and bornpsychology provides this opportunity to its clients once a month as part of its offering. Others are also welcome of course, on either a drop-in or regular basis, per the terms below.

For those new to this format, one can expect sessions to begin with a meditation, a check-in, or sharing – after which the space remains open and the magic begins. House rules are simple: the purpose of Opengroup is to allow for personal exploration, and as such, discourse and opinions on world events, politics, religion, and the narratives of mainstream media are not part of sessions – although their effects on us may be.

The time we share together is sacred, and Opengroup is a space well-held, so that emotion and self-reflection can be healthily explored. Sessions can transpire to be quiet, loud, funny, sad, painful, liberating, provocative, dull, intense, thought-provoking, revealing, contemplative, euphoric, constructive, meandering… the list goes on; but whatever they turn out to be, there is something to be gained – all ‘grist for the mill’ as Ram Dass would say…

Fees and Admin

Opengroup is held on the first Friday of every month at 10am and is 75 minutes in duration. Session fees are as follows:

Clients: £0 per session

Non-Clients: £30 per session

Sheldon Reed

'What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other'. (George Eliot)

Contact Details

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