‘The measure of intelligence is the ability to change’
Albert Einstein

‘Awareness is the greatest agent for change’
Huang Po

Change is difficult.

Change represents the unknown; and we fear the unknown, as it challenges who we think we are, and threatens what we believe keeps us safe, loved, and happy. The prospect of living without these things is fear personified, and we do almost anything to avoid it – both consciously and unconsciously.

Change however, is the only constant in life, and is the fundamental ingredient for growth; suffering therefore, is baked into the experience of life, and can only be alleviated once its cause, purpose, and nature is realised – only then can we stop ‘suffering from suffering’, and find abiding ‘peace’.

Happily though, we are often wrong about what we think we need; our perceptions of the unknown are distorted – by past emotion, conditioned thinking, and limiting belief – and as we come to better understand this, we transcend fear, and manifest the changes we most truly desire.

The tipping point for this change – both individually and collectively – comes when the cons outweigh the pros of remaining where we are; and for many, this tipping point has already arrived, and the only valid option which remains, is to grow or ‘die trying’.

The death throes of the ‘old world’ are challenging indeed, but weak in comparison to the new paradigm of Oneness which is on an inexorable rise – and those who are unable to change, will be left behind.

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Sheldon Reed

'What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other'. (George Eliot)

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