A Pursuit of
Ultimate Knowledge


And welcome to bornpsychology.

What you are about to read is a summary of something which came into being through me, despite my best efforts to make it something else… When I finally got out of its way, this is what came, and it has since helped a lot of people transform their lives.

I have no doubt that it will find who it is supposed to find; and if that includes you, I am thrilled by the opportunity of sharing it with you, and the prospect of how it will help us both grow.

Meantime, I wish you well.

With Love

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Sheldon Reed

bornpsychology is a Knowing Guide, a Clinical Therapist, and a Professional Advisor; that can help and empower you to deal with Personal and Business related matters from a higher, Transpersonal perspective; harnessing the intrinsic wisdom within you – beyond ‘ego mind’ – to illuminate the root cause of your suffering or discontent, elevate self-knowledge and belief systems; and break unhelpful patterns of thought which otherwise limit your life.

Its work is defined by the practical manner in which it brings the seemingly esoteric into the sharp focus of the ‘real-world’; and its ability to dovetail psychological, existential, and ‘spiritual’ work, with the life circumstances around us – whatever they may be.

Overall, its work may be regarded as a quest for supreme ultimate knowledge, which emphasises the importance of understanding such phenomena as identity, attachment, scarcity, and desire; and the relationship which exists between consciousness, thought, emotion, belief, and ‘reality’; to help humanity evolve collectively as we heal individually; and in doing so, create a world more abundantly defined by Truth and Love – rather than illusion and fear.

Insight Meditation Therapy

Meditation is thought of by many as either something which is done to bring the mind to rest and strengthen its discipline (‘Concentration’, or ‘Samatha’); or something which is done to observe the mind and bring awareness to the impermanent nature of what it does (‘Insight’, or ‘Vipassana’).

And many who espouse one method over another are, rather ironically, unaware of their attachment to, and identification with, their own beliefs on the matter… which meditation is supposed to dispel!

But the truth is (my own beliefs aside!), that meditation is all of these things and far more; it is an infinite odyssey into the self and beyond; the whole point of which is to help us KNOW ourselves – in every conceivable way – as, by doing so, we will come to realise the Supreme Ultimate Truth of life itself – and become whole.

And in order to KNOW ourselves, we are obliged to go into, and beyond, the thinking mind; to realise and be with what needs to be felt, understood, loved, and resolved; and the best way to do a lot of this, is meditatively; on our own terms, using the elevated knowledge that therapy provides, to help us self-heal – whilst having the trusted support of a KNOWING guide on hand for when needed.  

This, in a nutshell, is the practice of Insight Meditation Therapy; which essentially combines Talk Therapy with Higher Knowledge and Introspective Meditation, to accelerate the healing process; and is a means through which life itself becomes the practice, and meditation manifests as a default state of mind.

Awakening is an utterly profound experience; which challenges us to face our greatest demons and embrace the unknown… before ‘rewarding’ us with the boundless freedom and unshakable bliss which comes from the Knowing of Truth, and the cessation of suffering.

But it isn’t easy… especially at first; and it isn’t something which can be done in an hour – once a week – with a Therapist (although that is a good start!). However, it is something which can unfold most naturally once we surrender to what is, engage our will to heal, seek out higher knowledge, and begin to think (and not think!) differently – and this is precisely what IMT can help you to do (and not do!).

In truth, Awakening is a life path rather than a scheduled wellbeing activity, and each path is unique; but common to all is the expansion of one’s ‘higher’ mind – a conscious dimension of infinite wisdom, which the fear-driven ‘lower’ mind cannot ever reach, and cannot ever Be.

But before we become sufficiently aware of this, our lives remain governed by the conditioned thinking and relentless mind activity from the lower conscious realm; until, through expanded awareness and knowledge, we become better able to take ownership of thought, and ‘reprogram’ ourselves – and this too, is something which IMT guides, heals, and supports you to do.

Individually, the three elements of IMT are nothing new; the quest for Insight and practice of Meditation are as old as the search for truth itself; and Therapy has been with us for centuries now; yet even today, the higher mind, and the primary purpose of meditation remain largely misunderstood – especially as to how they relate to healing.

But the truth is that when these three elements are combined, and when the true purpose of meditation is better understood – and used psychotherapeutically; they unleash our highest potential, both individually and collectively; and it is to this great endeavour – of collective evolution through individual growth – that bornpsychology is dedicated.


A Psychology of

The process of Awakening requires us at some point to realise the ultimate, non-physical nature of reality, and how the non-physical and physical co-exist and inter-relate.

This ‘dualistic’ principle belies all things, ourselves included, and correspondingly therefore, it applies to the nature of mind; which is both conceptual and abstract, masculine and feminine, conscious and unconscious, conditioned and unconditioned, psycho/spiritual – and like life itself, also highly paradoxical.

Invariably, it is when polarities such as these come into balance, that optimal states are achieved, and nowhere is this more significant for us than with our own sense of wellbeing; which is at its peak when the relationship between the negative and positive within us is better understood – after which our relationship with suffering begins to change and heal.

We suffer in so many ways; in body, mind, and ‘soul’; both consciously and unconsciously; and both from the past and the future; but Psychosynthesis brings all of this into our awareness in the ‘here and now’, helping us heal at all levels; and in the process, it helps us to rediscover and remember, that in all ways, and always, We are One – One is All – and All is Love.

The human psyche is the most complex and mystical of phenomena imaginable. However, it is motivated by one simple truth; and absolutely everything we think, feel, say, and do, is motivated by that truth; and that truth… is Love – irrespective of whether we realise it or not.

Furthermore, our relationship with Love defines our relationship with absolutely everything else in life; and our personalities form around how we perceive, experience, and come to believe what Love is.

Psychosynthesis is the psychology of that journey, and the struggles of the personality which result from the conditions of Love – or lack of Love – experienced along the way. It is also therefore a psychology of attachment, identity, and belief, as well as truth, soul, and perceived reality.

But we are far more than the personalities which materially define us – personalities formed largely by the fear-driven ego mind; and Psychosynthesis, which is a Transpersonal (or ‘Beyond Ego’) psychology, is a means with which the psyche as a whole can be better understood, and synthesised (or brought into harmony).

From its elevated vantagepoint, it is better able to illuminate the root cause of suffering, before which, we mostly suffer from suffering itself; and it serves as a psychological bridge between conscious realms, using ‘higher’ knowledge to heal the wounds of ‘lower’ thinking – rewarding us immeasurably as we brave the unknown, and realise ever greater truths about our fundamental relationship with Love.

Overall, Psychosynthesis may be regarded as the ‘clinical pinnacle’ of our human understanding; and as a field of study, it is very much of our time, as it brings together the worlds of psychology, spirituality, mysticism, and science; to better contextualise what the ‘journey’ is, and what we are ultimately ‘solving for’; cutting through the perceived reality of who we think we are, and what we think we want; to reveal who we truly are, and what we actually need – mentally, physically, and of course beyond.


One of my favourite theoretical physicists, Richard Feynman, once advised to ‘teach your kids early what you learned late’… and because of Richard, I often find myself having the most ridiculous existential and metaphysical conversations, usually in the car, with my children of eight, ten, and thirteen years old…!

But whilst having these conversations, the other voice in my head is Carl Jung’s, who told us that the first half of life is devoted to forming a healthy ego, and the second half is for going inward and letting it go (or as Picasso more artistically put it: ‘the first half of life is learning to be an adult, and the second half is learning to be a child’) – and it is between these two philosophies that my conversations oscillate as I try to find some form of balance!

What truly staggers me the most though, is how much they ‘get it’ – and it makes me reflect on how much more progressive and aware the world is today, compared to when I was their age – many years ago…

And by the same token, I am so often moved by how awakened my clients are; and the strength of their resolve to tackle their issues head on, and live more authentic lives. By these metrics alone, I feel that the world I am experiencing is in safe hands, and I feel so deeply graced to be an active part of their unfolding journeys.

Regarding my own journey, I have (rather feebly) attempted below to convey, in part, the unquantifiable profundity of Self-Realisation, but in truth, words are simply not of that realm, and therefore cannot serve that purpose.

But there are some words I can draw upon, which at least help to convey how I feel about bornpsychology, the work it does, and the people it helps; and for this I turn firstly to Yogi Bhajan, and secondly to my boyhood hero, Muhammad Ali – to whom I must give the final words!

Bhajan: “If you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all”.

Ali: “When we devote all of our actions to a spiritual goal, everything that we do becomes a prayer.”

And to that, I say Amen.


That is all I can really say.

This KNOWING came after a lifetime of deep suffering and searching, and the unspeakably profound process of psychological death and enlightenment; which unfolded in earnest over a period of about ten years, and involved the systematic destruction of everything I had ever known; culminating in a total annihilation of conscious thought, personality construct, perceived reality – and the impossible awe of having revealed to me that which is inadequately defined as Spirit, Source, or ‘All That Is’.

Looking back now, I realise how perfectly the pain in my life served this divine inevitability, and how the intensity of what I learned along the way about the ‘human condition’ has provided me with the ability to help others – which is what I choose to do.

To this end, I possess deep direct knowledge, and clinical expertise, on psychospiritual function, conscious expansion, the fundamental nature of ‘reality’, and the primary motivation behind everything that we think, feel, and do; and I use this to guide people towards realising these things for themselves – by helping them to better understand the absolute root cause of suffering, and deal with the myriad issues which precede, are caused by, and which follow, experiences of ‘Awakening’ – both positive and negative.

I was born to do this. It is a ‘calling’ which I find effortless; and as a Transpersonal Psychologist and Clinical Therapist, who also possesses over 30 years of proven industry expertise in ultra-high value investment, commerce, and trade, I am particularly well-placed to help professional people heal and grow, whilst integrating material change with the practical demands of everyday life – at home and work – using the challenges of both as tools for exponential growth and spiritual realisation.  

These are skills which I believe are becoming increasingly critical as humanity itself seeks to heal, and evolves towards an emerging paradigm of deeper empathy, self-awareness, and collaborative thinking – a paradigm for which the greater knowledge, introspection, and healing work that IMT combines will surely have a much-needed place.

With Love

Sheldon Reed

Sheldon Reed

'What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other'. (George Eliot)

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